IRIS’s solution is a customizable health and safety surveillance system that assists in preventing workplace injuries and reducing associated costs and downtime for companies around the world.


Our system comprises three elements: surveillance cameras; a server; and an App, together with in-built proprietary software providing image stabilisation, an alert system and security tracking features.


These components provide a detailed view of your work-site, and unmatched health and safety monitoring – accessible via the app from any location worldwide.

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Live Footage

The safety and surveillance monitoring systems use strategically mounted cameras and sensors to provide complete visibility of the work area from different angles. This provides an unparalleled visual perspective with recorded footage capturing machine-driven data and video footage for analysis.

Data Capture

Our App or customer portal provides access to view data captured by the system. Data is stored directly on a local server or equipment in a blast-proof, ventilated, tamper-proof case and records on a 25-day loop. Authorized employees or operators can access the information and immediately review footage via the IRIS app.  The server can also be integrated with the onboard computer to include alarms and regular data with the images.

Data Analysis

Using our App or customer portal, you can view your work area in real-time (where an internet connection is available), or select historical video records to compare with roster lists, engine data, and other performance information specific to the particular machine. View a tour of our customer portal.


Highlight behavioral issues during H&S training

Video footage recorded by the cameras is used in health and safety training and induction programs– showing real, live footage demonstrating behavioral issues or potentially dangerous situations that can lead to injury before employees even start working. Alternatively, recorded images are proven to be more effective in health and safety training and with IRIS’s solution, employees can also actually see how they should complete their task to ensure they avoid injury. It is a pro-active preventative solution against workplace injury.

Ruggedized construction

Our cameras are designed specifically to operate outdoors in extreme conditions and perform under conditions of high vibration, temperature (from -40 to 60°C / -40 to 140°F) and dust.  Cameras are interconnected to the onboard server via military tested connectors and cables. In addition, they are tamper proof, can record high resolutions images in both high and low light situations, requires little power to operate and is quick and easy to install on existing fleets.

Transform incident investigation

In the unfortunate event of an incident, IRIS’s system transforms the investigation process by using the recorded video footage to show exactly what happened. This significantly reduces downtime during investigations and costs associated with extended shutdowns. Footage can be accessed immediately via the local server on site or remotely via an internet connection, avoiding travel to site to complete the investigation.

Safety and security features

The unique capabilities of IRIS’s system incorporates site security enhancements, with features including: motion activated infra-red cameras for low light or night time activities (up to 150m), geo-fencing of pre-determined set points with activation alarms; crowd counting and facial recognition technology to monitor personnel on site; and alarms if equipment is tampered with.

In-built alerts

IRIS’s proprietary software incorporates in-built alerts into its system. Alert emails and SMS messages can be sent directly to a computer or mobile phone in the instance smoke is detected, security features are breached or camera’s are tampered with or vandalized.

Workplace and vehicle monitoring

Our solution is suitable for many workplaces, from remote mine sites, to warehouses, manufacturing and maintenance facilities – above and below ground. The unique image stabilization capability also enables it to be mounted on drill rigs, heavy machinery, trucks and other vehicles.

Fully customizable, proprietary software

The system uses propriety software, developed in-house, to deliver a range of features, including image stabilization, in-built alerts and facial recognition – protecting employees and operations from hazards and other security risks. The system is configurable to meet your individual needs. Customization options include:


1.      Facial Recognition

2.      Crowd Counting

3.      Motion activated infra-Red Images for low light situations

4.      Zoom and Pan Out

5.      360 degree views

Intelligent Helmet Detection

IRIS’s system detects when employees or other personnell entering a worksite are not wearing a safety helmet. The system will raise an alarm and send an alert email or SMS directly to supervisors or health and safety managers. The situation can be addressed immediately, ensuring employee safety and compliance to safe work procedures.
IRIS’s system improves safety and non-compliance by approximately 65% through its accurate detection of employees not wearing safety helmets.

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