Customer Portal

IRIS’s customer portal provides instant visibility of your workplace, including employee actions, machinery performance and any other activity on the site.


The portal can be accessed from any location where an internet connection is available and provides:

  • Summary of your IRIS systems around the world
  • Dashboard showing key machinery performance indicators
  • Live footage by selecting any camera on site
  • Historical data for analysis by choosing specific dates, times, machinery parameters and camera locations

Global Monitoring

Quickly select any of your work sites around the world to monitor activity at that specific operation.

Instant Rig Data

See your key rig performance indicators, local conditions and hours of operation instantly.

View Live Footage

Choose any camera at your workplace or on your equipment to view activity in real time (where an internet connection is available).

Analyse Equipment Data

Select any date range and performance parameters to view operational history, particularly in the case of a safety incident.

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