Improving the safety and security of employees is vital to companies all over the world. IRIS’s health and safety surveillance systems keep employees safer and lowers costs and downtime associated with workplace injuries.

Preventing hazards saves millions in avoided costs

At a glance, users can assess any safety or security hazards, and take immediate action, avoiding employee injury and maintaining site safety. Using IRIS’s system, you are not only ensuring your employees are safer, you can save costs associated with preventing workplace injuries. For large global corporations, it is estimated that a 5% reduction in overall injury rate can save in excess of USD $30million every year.

Unique, propriety in-built software

IRIS’s solution is the only integrated health and safety surveillance system available. It uses proprietary software, developed in-house, to incorporate image stabilization, an alert system and security features, together with equipment monitoring capabilities. The system also allows remote monitoring if required, when an internet connection is available, allowing Health, Safety and Environment Managers access to footage and data from any location globally.

Ensure compliance to safe work procedures

Health, Safety and Environment Managers can use IRIS’s recorded or even real-time footage to train new and existing employees on how to properly operate machinery according to corporate Health and Safety procedures and manufacturer’s guidelines – regardless of location or operating environment.

Live images are more effective training tools

Recorded images are proven to be more effective in health and safety training and with IRIS’s solution, employees can also actually see how they should complete their task to ensure they avoid injury. This is particularly useful for common injury’s such as hand pinches or crushes, which make up approximately 49% of workplace injuries.

Complete your incident investigations in half a day or less

In the unfortunate event of an incident, some worksites can be shut down for several days or even weeks, while the situation is verified and the investigation completed. Footage from IRIS’s system shows exactly what happened, allowing work to resume in as little as half a day.

Demonstrate how to be safe before employees enter site

Using IRIS’s solution for health and safety training, you can use real footage to demonstrate to employees the behavioral factors or potentially dangerous situations that can lead to injury, even before they enter a worksite.

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